Dialogos secondo, 2013

Alessandro Castiglioni, Ermanno Cristini (ed. by),
Dialogos secondo, Cahiers d’Art no. 5, MACT/CACT, Bellinzona
MACT/CACT Editions, 2013

Exhibition held at MACT/CACT Center for Contemporary Art, Bellinzona, Switzerland, December 2013

Dialogos is a project of an exhibition arranged between a performative dynamics and an installation’s intervention. Dialogos is based on a negotiation practice among artists.
Dialogos è un progetto espositivo disposto tra dinamica performativa e intervento installativo. Dialogos è basato su una pratica di negoziazione tra artisti

With/Con Enrico Boccioletti, Mario Casanova, Dustin Cauchi, Alessandro Castiglioni, Richard Clements, Ermanno Cristini, Vicky Falconer, Simone Frangi, Francesca Mangion, Mickaël Marchand, Giancarlo Norese, Paolo Tognozzi, Alessandro Rolandi, Luca Scarabelli, Miki Tallone, Virginia Zanetti

153 pages, 21×29,7 cm
edition: 500

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