riss(e) fanzine no. 7, 2017

riss(e) fanzine n. 7, 2017
graphich design Domenico Antonio Mancini

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riss(e) is an artist-run space directed by Ermanno Cristini, and together with Yellow, surplace and Anonima Kunsthalle is part of Zentrum, a network for research in the contemporary arts based in Varese, Italy

riss(e) no. 6, October 2016, graphic design Gianluca Codeghini
riss(e) no. 5, October 2015, graphic design òbelo (Claude Marzotto, Maya Sambonet)
riss(e) no. 4, November 2014, graphic design Zoe De Luca and Alice Zani
riss(e) no. 3, March 2013, graphic design Alessandro Di Pietro
riss(e) no. 2, September 2013, graphic design Mattia Fontanella
riss(e) no. 1, March 2012, graphic design Ermanno Cristini
riss(e) no. 0, September 2012, graphic design Giancarlo Norese