Dialogos Part Six, 2022

Dialogos Part Six: A collaborative art project between Italian and Kenyan artists in Nairobi, June 2022
edited by Giancarlo Norese
ph. by Umberto Cavenago, Giancarlo Norese, Luisa Turuani

a photo book
260 pages, color
language: English
17.8×25.4 cm
november 2022
ISBN 979-8362331221

Dialogos is a collaborative art project, a dialogue between artists, as well as a kind of a chess game, halfway between a collective installation and a performance. Dialogos focuses on the opportunity to develop an artistic practice based on continuously negotiating knowledge, choices and awareness. The project has led to an experience that has flourished between artists who choose each other by chance, for elective affinities or interfacing trajectories in their styles of making.

Dialogos started in 2011 in Milan (Italy), continuing in Bellinzona (Switzerland, 2013), Olomouc (Czech Republic, 2017) and again in Milan (2018), in Liebefeld (Switzerland, 2021). The sixth edition was implemented on June 2022 between Italy and Kenya, under the patronage of the Italian Cultural Institute in Nairobi.

Some of the Italian artists who participated in the project travelled to Nairobi to meet their Kenyan colleagues: an exchange of materials and suggestions among all the participants took place in a physical space open to the public. A dialogue followed in a shared, online conversation which became the basis for this publication.

A collaborative art project by Umberto Cavenago, Giancarlo Norese, Onyis Martin, Longinos Nagila, Beatrice Polato, David Thuku and Luisa Turuani in Nairobi, and the remote contribution of Cesare Biratoni, Sergio Breviario, Giuseppe Buffoli, Ermanno Cristini, Alessandro Rolandi, Luca Scarabelli.