Meeting Through Fasting, 2003-2021

Meeting Through Fasting. A one-day meditation about some plates and A Smiling Dictatorship, Pantagruel and the Kamikaze, The Need of Incorporating Goods
by Emilio Fantin, Giancarlo Norese, Cesare Pietroiusti

The three artists, each one in his own place and city, observed a whole day of fasting on September 26th, 2003. During breakfast, lunch and dinner time they introduced an original subject that became the plat du jour and conferred on it instead of eating. They also tried to guess what the other two were thinking about the chosen topic.
It was an attempt to reach an indirect common thinking, neither personal nor self-referential, by collecting their considerations together with some pictures of the sites where the actions took place.

This project was conceived and developed for the First International Lunchtime Summit. A coming together of collective initiatives and socially engaged art in 16+ cities (September 26th, 2003), organized by Pedro Lasch for Sixteen Beaver Group, New York.

la casa cafausica, 2021
English, 38 pages
ISBN : ‎ 979-8453900749
12.85 x 19.84 cm

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