Well-Educated Artist, 2021

Well-Educated Artist
by Al Fadhil الفاضل
series l’a., April 2021
164 pages
available here

A new edition of a multilingual artist’s book with boundless fragments of the work and life of Al Fadhil (الفاضل), an Iraqi-born visual artist based in Switzerland. The publication includes contributions by Rashmika Pandya, Carlo Pizzichini, and Aissa Deebi in English, Italian, Arabic, and 197 color and b/w illustrations.
Al Fadhil was born in Basrah, Iraq, in 1954. He attended the Baghdad Institute of Arts from which he graduated in 1977, then studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy and began his practice as an independent artist at the beginning of the eighties. Since the nineties his research has been oriented to aesthetic, social, political and economic issues, in the spirit and awareness of the communicative power of art.