Services Offered, 2019


Filippo Falaguasta, Services Offered
series la c., vol. 19, January 2019
14×20 cm, 120 pages
edition 40 copies
available here

born on 1.3.1965 in Castel San Giovanni (PC), resident in Sarmato (PC), postal code 29010, via Coste Sotto, 11, bachelor, of medium height, healthy constitution, and also excellent moral principles. Since 1991 offers his services in the following professions:

01 Waiter
02 Welder
03 Housepainter
04 Sculptor
05 Driver
06 Turner
07 Baby sitter
08 Bricklayer
09 Butler
10 Mechanic
11 Figurative painter
12 Intimate friend
13 Cook
14 Abstract painter
15 Electrician
16 Conceptual artist
17 Bartender
18 Plumber
19 Draftsman
20 Prana therapist
21 Photographer
22 Parquet layer
23 Decorator
24 Disk-jockey

executed upon commission from applicants of any of the following sectors: galleries, museums, cultural associations, artists, art critics, art collectors, art magazines, art printing shops, art academies, art schools, theatres, artists’ studios, art fairs.

For every Service there is a set fair charge, modifiable only in the event of specific requests or extraordinary circumstances. The Client will be asked to provide the materials and the necessary tools in order to achieve the best results, as well as the eventual travel and stay expenses. At the completion of the Service the Client will be given a Certificate of the Work carried out and a photograph as evidence of it