Barbarisms, 2018

Giancarlo Norese, Barbarisms
collana la c., vol. 8, ottobre 2018
14×20 cm, 86 pagg.
40 copie
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In spite of the dictionary definition of Barbarism, “lack of culture and civilization”, I like to think of this term as a neologism that arises in pursuit of a certain “bar” aesthetic, namely of those places that, by nature, are offered as spaces of everyday survival, socializing, connections, even reflection and study (in the cafes of Central Europe). Precisely the opposite of a lack of civilization and culture. At times I have decided to do a performance, at exhibitions where I’d been invited to participate, of my Bar Bello, an economical, portable bar that functions as a catalyst for contacts, a space of relaxing communication.
In this case I have decided to show a collection of images of bars – collected along the years – somewhat cut off from time. Some are too big, others a big chaotic, undisciplined, certainly anti-functional, in which objects or persons seem to magnetically arrange themselves, according to mysterious designs. Barbarisms, we might call them.